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  • The Steel Network, Inc.

The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN) is a manufacturer of light gauge (cold-formed) steel studs and connectors based in the United States. TSN provides solutions for all standard light steel framing applications, including load-bearing mid-rise construction systems, curtain wall systems, rigid connectors, vertical deflection connectors, lateral drift connectors and anchorage connectors. Substantial effort has been made by the industry to standardize construction practices to ensure the positive connections of light steel framing components. Toward this end, TSN products have undergone extensive field and laboratory testing to achieve complete solutions for both designers and installers.

TSN’s competitive advantage lies in the cost savings, rapid construction and green design/construction options provided by its core product lines, SigmaStud® Load-bearing Building System, BridgeClip®, VertiClip®, DriftClip®, PrimeWall® and SteelSmart® System Design Software.

SSS7 - Light Steel Framing Design Software
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