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Software & Services


SteelSmart® System - Cold-Formed Steel Design Software (External Site)

The SteelSmart® System 7 (SSS) provides construction professionals with an essential software tool engineered for both fast and accurate design results, as well as presenting them with the budgeting calculations necessary for light steel framing.

Structural Engineering Analysis Software 

Extreme Loading® for Structures - Non-Linear Structural Analysis Software (External Site)

TSN has worked closely with Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) in developing its proprietary Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS), an advanced 3D nonlinear structural analysis software. With ELS, ASI engineers to take a performance based design approach to building design that considers the entire structural system.

VE  Value Engineering Services

The Steel Network redefines value engineering opportunities when framing with Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) systems.  CFS is proven to reduce overall costs and accelerate construction schedules, while meeting building code requirements.

Structural Engineering Support Services

ASI Structural Engineering Services (External Site)

With ASI's proprietary Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT), it is able to provide superior non-linear dynamic structural analysis and 3-D visuals, replacing current practices which rely on simplified analysis with many assumptions.