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Technical Data

Technical Notes

Download Technical data Design of Steel Stud Back Up For Brick Veneer

Download Technical data Mechanical Bridging and Bridging Anchorage of Load Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Studs

Download Technical data Analysis and Design of Moment Resisting Midwall™

Download Technical data Design of Deep Leg Track For Deflection

Download Technical data Design of Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Post Members

Download Technical data Strength Tables for Special Seismic and Blast Design

Download Technical data StiffWall® Strap Bracing Shear Wall System


Technical Papers

Download Technical data Alternate Path Progressive Collapse Analysis of Steel Stud Bearing Wall Structures



UL Classified Assemblies

UL Classified Assemblies

See Full List of UL® Classified Assemblies Here



5400 5400

54000 54000

9111 9111

92216 92216

9260 9260

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
TSN BIM Objects Revit® BIM Objects
TSN Wall Bridging Icon

Bridging Requirements

TSN provides background information and design recommendations on which bridging products can be used when designing wall studs. Click here for details.

Step Bushing Technology

Step Bushing Technology™

Code-Compliant Load Rated Attachments - TSN's Vertical and Drift Deflection products utilize patented Step Bushings

 ICC Evaluation Report

ICC Evaluation Service Reports

ESR-2049 - VertiClip® SL, SLB, SLS and SLT, DriftClip® DSLB, DSLS and DSL, and DriftTrak® DTSLB and DTSL Exterior Curtain Wall Stud Connectors and VertiClip SLD and DriftClip DSLD Interior Top-of-Wall Connector

Blast & Seismic Design Data

Blast & Seismic Design

The Steel Network is the only connector manufacturer in the US that has rated its connector products for special seismic and blast design by providing tables with LRFD design strength, nominal strength and ultimate strength for each connector.

NYC Buildings Icon

New York City Buildings

NY MEA-326-06-M - VertiClip® SLD and VertiTrack® VTD Interior Head-of-Wall Steel Stud Connector